A collection made of durable rope, and it's available in many colors.

These products fits all dog breeds!

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About us

My name is Kristine and I live in the south part of Norway, just outside Kristiansand.

My Furbaby started as a small hobby where I tried to make a few different things for Nero. He is a small mix breed and I struggled to find dog gear that suited our everyday life. I made him a harness and a leash, and that was the start of this journey! 

It pleases me when I see other people and dogs happy! That is why I want to offer unique products that gives you the little extra. I thought the pet gear in norwegian pet stores was much alike, and it is difficult to find something that fits. I want to change this!

I do focus on quality, therefore are all materials and new products carefully selected and tested before they are launched in our online store. I want you to be able to use my handmade products for a long time.

Jeg ønsker at du skal kunne bruke produktene jeg selger i min nettbutikk i lang tid fremover! 


Nå blogger jeg som bare det. Det helt utrolig. (more…)

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