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Pet Tags

What material should I choose for the dog's Pet tag?

People often choose what they like best themselves, and at the same time want it to fit the equipment they already have. Both materials are durable, but it can be important to note this:

Brass (gold): Brass is our favorite, much because of the color. It is the most durable metal of the two choices we have. Therefore, I recommend that you choose this if the dog is very active. Brass tarnish, which means that it gets darker over time. This is completely natural, but it can be easily removed. Look further down the page. 

Aluminum: Aluminum is the softest metal type we have. If you have a very active dog, we do not recommend this. Aluminum is easier to keep clean, as it does not tarnish as quickly as brass. 

Can I have a phone number on the Pet Tag?

Yes, you can. There is room for two numbers on the back of most of our tags. You have to fill in the number on the product in store. Note that you have to pay for two numbers if you want to have two. 

How do I maintain my Pet Tag?

As mentioned above, both metals we do have tarnish over time. This means that it is natural that they become darker over time, and that they can also get darker spots. This process happens faster if the Pet Tag is exposed to a lot of water, salt water, dirt, etc.

To clean the tag, we recommend that you go over it with a wet cloth if it has been in, for example, salt water or mud. If it has become dark or has tarnished, you can polish it with a general polishing for metal, or use Super fine steel wool 0000.

If you use steel wool, scratches etc will be less visible, and note that the black fill in the design and name/number will disappear. You can fill this in again by using a black sharpie and then easily go over again with the steel wool. Note that you must not use ordinary steel wool purchased at a grocery store.



When can I expect to receive the products I have ordered?

All of our products are handmade to order. This means that we start on your order after we have received it. Therefore, the delivery time will depend on how many orders we have. We try the best we can to have it as short as possible, but since everything is made by hand, you have to accept a longer delivery time.

We will send the packages with Posten/Bring and you will receive an email with tracking number as soon as your order is finished and sent (domestic orders).

Parcels and letters abroad are also sent by Posten.  

Help! I think my order is gone!

Unfortunately, packages sometimes disappear. We recommend that you call the Norwegian Postal service and provide your tracking number, and they will help you further.

Unfortunately, we have no control over foreign packages sent by letter. These packages will not be replaced. 

I made a mistake while ordering, what do I do?

If you have given us the wrong information when you have ordered, you can send us an email as soon as possible. Please enter your order number. 

If you receive the order and see that something is wrong, you must check the order confirmation you received from us when you ordered. 

If the error is on your side, we will unfortunately not replace the product. If we have made a mistake, we will of course help you!

If you have entered the wrong address in the order and we get the package in return, then you have to pay for shipping cost again before we send your package to the correct address. 

I have not received an order confirmation

If you have not received an order confirmation, please check the spam or junk mail folder. If it turns out that you do not find it there, you can send us an email with the name used in your order so that we can go in and check if you have entered it correctly. If you do not have it, we will change it to the correct one.