Size guide

Produktene i vår nettbutikk lages på mål tilhørende din hund. Størrelse og design kan variere litt da alle produktene fra vårt eget merke lages for hånd. Vi gjør vårt beste for at målene skal være så likt som mulig det som er bestilt. 


Explore – Eyecatcher 
This collar is adjustable. Measure at the point where the collar should sit later. When measuring for this collar, please ensure you do put two fingers in-between. Please include more space if your dog has a lot of fur. Please enter your dogs neck size in cm when ordering.

Explore – Ordinary & Royal
This collar is NOT adjustable. Measure at the point where the collar should sit later. When measuring for this collar, please ensure you measure it as loose as you want the collar to be on your dog. This means that you have to include space. Ordinary fits all kinds of dog size Royal does not fit very small dogs very well, but fits neck size from 30 cm.

Ebony – med ID-Plate
Dette halsbåndet lages justerbart. Mål hunden med to fingre i mellom der halsbåndet normalt sitter på nakken. Om hunden har mye pels må dette inkluderes i målingen. Vennligst oppgi målet i cm når du bestiller. Halsbåndet passer alle hunderaser, men vennligst merk at halsbåndet kan oppleves noe stivt der ID-Platen sitter. 

Ebony X Explore
Dette halsbåndet passer alle hunder. Vennligst merk deg at dette halsbåndet ikke er justerbart og det tres over hodet for å ta det på. Følg punktene lengre ned på denne siden for å måle hunden, se punkt Helstrup & Halvstrup. Oppgi målet A (blå linje). 

Ebony X Explore – Detailed & Plain Black
These collars are made adjustable, please measure the dog with two fingers in between where the collar normally sits on the neck. These collars fit all dog breeds. 

Dette halsbåndet kan lages i 16mm og 19mm. Det finnes i 38mm i sort. Det er justerbart, vennligst mål hunden med to fingre i mellom der halsbåndet normalt sitter på nakken. Dette er et halsbånd som passer alle hunderaser da spennen tilpasses bredden du velger. 


Variant 1 "Measure directly on the dog"

Both of these types are pulled over the head and cannot be opened / closed to be put on. Therefore, we need more than just the circumference around the neck.

Look at the picture above when measuring.

A (blue line): Measure the widest point over the dog's head.

B (green line): Measure the circumference around the neck behind the ears. 

We will add 1cm to the measure at A so that it will be comfortable to put over the head. 

Variant 2 "Measure directly on the collar"

If you already have a collar that suits your dog, please follow these steps. Please note that you have to measure the inner circumference, as shown on the pictures below. 

  1. Place the collar on the table in front of you (as if there were no pull on the collar), see picture. 
  2. Measure the inside circumference of the collar with a tape measure. It is important that the measuring tape is near against the inside of the collar.
  3. For the slip collar we do only need the measure on 2., but for thr martingale collar is it perfect if you can measure where the stopper should be. To find this, pull the collar thight so that the collar is at it's smallest.

Please let us know whether you measured on the dog or directly on the collar. Because with the measurement variant on the collar we do not need to add 1cm of buffer. 

Martingale collar

Slip collar


We make all of our leashes around 180 cm long, but the lenght may vary slightly. If you want a shorter or a longer leash we will gladly help, but My Furbaby reserve the right to send you an invoice if you want changes that is not a part of our standard products. 

Pet Tags

Most Pet tags can be made in 25mm or 30mm. We have the opportunity to make some of them in 19mm, for example tags for cats or very small dogs. If you want 19mm, please feel free to contact us.

All sizes are stated on each product. Some of the different shapes come in only one size. 

If you have any questions about what will suit your dog or how to measure your dog, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!