Shipping estimates

Processing time:

Transit time:

Standard shipping

5-14 working days

3-5 working days

International shipping

5-14 working days

10-25 working days

* This timeline is an estimate only and not guaranteed. Because of the COVID-19 virus there is not any guarantee for the transit time for your order. There is a lot of delays in the world and My Furbaby is not responsible for this.


Processing time

We hand make each and every item that is purchased from our store. Because every item is handmade to order there is a little extra time in processing. You can expect a 5-14 working days for your order to be made, but as some periods are busier, please keep in mind that the time for your order to be made and taken to the post office can be longer than 14 days.

If you have questions about our current turnaround time please contact us, and we will give you an estimate time. Please note that this estimated time can change.


My Furbaby is not responible for deliveries returned or rejected because of an invalid, insufficient, old or improper address provided by the customer, natural disasters or occurrences, tranportation delays or strikes, customs, or other. It is highly important that you review your shipping address prior to completing a purchase. If this happens we will not be able to resend your items without a new shipping cost being billed to you. If you notice that you have given us the wrong address after completing your order, please contact us within 1-3 days after ordering.



We ship with Bring/Posten within Norway and Posten Norge outside of Norway.  We do not handle shipping costs, those are determined by Posten Norway. Free shipping terms subject to change, and may not apply to all products.


Lost or stolen mail during shipping

Lost or stolen mail is not the responsibility of My Furbaby. We do not replace mail or doing any refund of mail that has been lost or stolen. The best thing to do is contact your local post office.


International Orders

All international packages are shipped via Posten Norge. Transit times and delivery vary by country. Please note that import duties, fees and VAT charges can apply for deliveries outside of Norway and are not included in your order’s total. My Furbaby assumes no responsibility for any of these fees, import duties, VAT, or customs charges. Your items will not be reshipped or refunded, including shipping fees, in the event that your package is refused or returned.

We are not responsible for delays due to customs.

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